Florida Courts Jurisdiction

This page is a general guide to the Jurisdiction of courts In Florida. The bullets below specify matters within the primary Jurisdiction of each court. This information is not intended to be comprehensive; many exceptions and distinctions exist.

Supreme Court

  • Death penalty cases
  • Decisions of district courts invalidating a provision in the state constitution or statute
  • Bond validations
  • Public utility cases

The Florida Supreme Court also has discretionary jurisdiction over appeals from the District Courts of Appeal for the following:

  • Validating a state statute
  • Construction of Florida or U.S. constitutions
  • Decisions affecting a class of constitutional or statutory officers
  • Direct conflict with a supreme court or another district court decision
  • Certain certified questions or conflict certified by the district court

District Court of Appeals

  • All matters not directly appealable to the supreme court or a circuit court
  • Administrative appeals if provided by law

The District Courts of Appeal also has discretionary jurisdiction over appeals from the Circuit Courts for questions certified by the county court in a final judgment that is appealable to the circuit court.

Circuit Courts

  • Felonies
  • Family law
  • Civil cases > $50,000
  • Probate, guardianship, mental health
  • Juvenile dependency, delinquency
  • Appeals of decisions in certain administrative, noncriminal infraction, and other types of cases

County Courts

  • Misdemeanors
  • Civil cases  $50,000
  • Small claims $8,000
  • Traffic
Last Modified: March 26, 2024