Education & Outreach

Advancing education about Florida's court system is a goal of the judicial branch.

Studies have shown when people have a greater understanding of and knowledge about the American justice system and the role of the courts within it, their confidence in and support for the courts is bolstered. In developing educational opportunities for people of all ages, the judicial branch provides the public with forums for learning about the role, functions, and accomplishments of the courts than can, in turn, cultivate a more engaged, active, and conscientious citizenry.

Results from a statewide public opinion research project completed by the Florida Supreme Court's Judicial Management Council show: 

  • 55% of Florida citizens surveyed could not name even one of the branches of government.
  • Only 34% of those surveyed claimed to be at least generally familiar with Florida's court system.
  • Nearly 40% of the survey respondents wanted more information about Florida courts and procedures.

Resources listed below are provided for the public, students, teachers and parents as a guide to better understand Florida's state court system. 

General Information

Florida Judicial Branch History

Information about Justices and Judges

Judicial Elections and Merit Retention

Oral Arguments

Publications by and about the judicial branch

Resources for Teachers

Resources for Reporters and Other Court Followers

Resources for Supreme Court Visitors


Social Media

Last Modified: March 26, 2024